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2 Great Outdoor Places to visit in Austin, Texas

2 Great Outdoor Places to visit in Austin, Texas

2 Places to Visit in Austin, Texas

If you are in Austin, Texas, you find that you are usually there to visit University of Texas or there to visit your long lost uncle. However if you are there even for a day, you might be wondering what are great places to visit while are you there. I recommend the following two locations to visit if you are ever in the area and are looking to visit some cool places while having some fun. They are nearly free to visit (depending on when you visit for one of them) and give you a lot of value for your time spent at those locations.


  1. Mount Bonnell, Texas – a.k.a Covert Park

    This tourist attraction was part of a 54-acre land owned by Frank M. Covert, Sr. and was donated to the people of Travis County, Austin in 1934. So it has been around for a while but it looks as it was renovated and created yesterday. It is as, one supposes a mountain but there isn’t too much walking. The drive itself is for the main part where you’ll notice the rolling and climbing hills that give you’ll the indication that you are driving upwards. Mount Bonnell itself is accessible specifically at a area at the near the top known as Covert Park, that is if you’re using your GPS to drive there. Climbing a series of steps through a natural wooded hill, its not only quiet but absolutely clean for a place that attracts a lot of visitors. When you reach the very top, you have a fantastic view of Lake Austin portion of the Colorado River and it is stunning. Absolutely beautiful. Not only is the waterway clean and clear but the boating houses, speedboats, and mansions in the hills are a joy to take in. On the west side of that hill, is a clear, albeit foggy view of Austin city. It contrasts so perfectly, the nature-clean air, scenery, greenery on the right side and the skyscrapers on the left side. It is a great way to cool off after climbing the steps from the base of Covert Park. The light wind, and boating house noises help calm the mind from the distraction of city life. As shown in the video below, it is also a great place to do running exercises and other types of intense activities. The high altitude will also help you increase your lung capacity and workout stamina as it is increased pressure on the lungs to keep up. This high altitude method of training is the same techniques used by Kenyans in their country, and they happen to be the fastest runners in the world.


2. Barton Springs Pool

This is the other major destination. This is, may be more than Mount Bonnell more outdoor activities available that you can engage in that is totally worth your time. I visited Austin first time, for couple of hours and this was my first go to destination and well worth time, money, and energy. They’ve a large natural springs pool (The Barton Springs Pool), a train station around nature reserve and a kayaking & canoeing in the semi large river nearby. During the summer, the parking is free, and even if you don’t swim, the natural pool surrounded by the rocks is a sight to behold and to swim in. The train ride though located just feets away, is officially part of Zilker Park. It might also be called the Zilker Park Train Station, and it also tends to attract alot of small children but it shouldn’t be skipped even if you’re a bit older, as it is a relaxing way to ride around the preserve. The video below will outline the short ~15 min train ride as well. The kayaking and canoeing came as a surprise, you pay a very small fee, around $15 per person for an hour to ride by yourself on adjacent Lady Bird Lake. You can find more information about this from the Zilker Park Boat Rentals webpage where they discuss the prices and other information. They advise kayaking as it has less chance of tipping over but kayaking or canoeing, both are great ways to get into the boating for sure. For my first time I learned to paddle real quick and it was a great cardio workout in a river with no current, clear water and for that part wasn’t intimidating at all. The small river itself is covered with other tourists and locals just hanging out having a good time. The best time to visit; Mondays as everyone is back at work or at the University of Texas.


Kayaking & Canoeing in the clear waters of Barton Springs Pool



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