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3 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Soybean Milk Maker

3 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Soybean Milk Maker

Have you heard of the awesome benefits of soy beans? It turns out that soybeans may be one of the reasons why Madonna is still the ultimate Material Girl in 2014. At 55, she is still selling out stadiums and flaunting toned abs that women in their twenties would die for. According to her personal chef, Ms Mayumi Nishimura, Madonna’s secret is her macrobiotic diet that strongly features soybeans. According to Dr David Topping, chief food-nutrition researcher at Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization in Adelaide, ‘the bacteria that live inside you are fulfilling very important functions’ as quoted by the Vancouver Sun. With the prices of soy-based foods such as soymilk at record levels, you may have heard how easy it is to make your own soymilk for a fraction of the cost. Here are three tips for choosing the perfect soybean milk maker.

Tip  1. Look For Multi-Function Machines

Soybean milk makers can help you turn a range of beans or paste into delicious soy milk. Soybeans help your body produce the type of friendly bacteria known to aid food digestion, vitamin extraction and help ward off certain types of diseases.

Experts such as Dr Topping suggest that fresher soybeans will have higher vitamin contents than dried beans. Therefore, it is important to check that the soybean milk maker you choose has a range of functions. The best machines can handle dry beans, wet beans, nutrient paste, mungbeans and red beans. Machines with this level of versatility will give you a range of options.You can use fresh beans where possible and rely on dry beans or paste as a back-up solution.

Tip  2. Choose Bottom-Heating Machines

Cheaper soy bean milk makers will have side heating functions. This design is more cost effective as the heating element is positioned around the internal container, level with the power outlet. Unfortunately, this can produce burning and sticking as the soy beans are not heated evenly. According to Ian Marber, an independent nutritional consultant and author, boiling food such as soybeans causes the vitamins B and C to be absorbed while the fiber is broken down. When choosing a milk maker, always look for bottom-heating technology. This produces less burning and sticking and ensures that the milk has a higher nutritional value.

Tip  3. Choose An S-Shaped Blade

Trying to increase your intake of soy beans constitutes a type of ‘probiotic’ diet, similar to the type that Madonna follows. This is a way to support a healthy immune system yet Madonna’s personal chef Ms Nishimuratold the Vancouver Sun that the singer eats food ‘processed as little as possible.’ You can apply this same principle when choosing a soy milk maker by selecting machines with an S-shaped blade. All makers have this blade to agitate and break down the soybeans. S-shaped blades are perfect for bending ingredients without losing any nutritional value. Some machines use cheaper, mulching actions that can reduce the nutritional value of the finished milk.

These three tips should help you make an informed decision about the best type of soy milk maker to purchase. Do you make your own soymilk? What did we miss? Let us know your best soymilk tips in the comments section below!

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