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5 CoolSculpting Lies That Personal Trainers Like To Tell

5 CoolSculpting Lies That Personal Trainers Like To Tell

Most personal trainers live by the mantra ‘No pain, no gain’ and, for the most part, they are correct. Making big changes in the way you look requires effort, determination and hard work. However, ever since a fat-freezing process called CoolSculpting won FDA-approval in 2010, a number of lies have caught on in popularity. Here are the five most common lies that personal trainers like to tell.

Lie 1. ‘You Can’t Spot Reduce Fat Without Liposuction’

Everyone has certain ‘trouble-areas’ where fat stubbornly clings. No amount of dieting or exercise seems to help. Personal trainers love to say that you can’t spot-reduce fat, meaning that you can’t do a certain exercise to eliminate fat from a particular area. For instance, no amount of sit-ups alone will banish your belly fat. CoolSculpting is an exception to this rule. Just a one-hour treatment with a stomach applicator from the CoolSculpting machine will kill 20 percent of fat cells in your belly area. As this is non-evasive, you are wide-awake during the procedure and results become apparent over the following eight weeks.

Lie 2. ‘Diet And Exercise Are The Only Ways To Lose Fat’

Some common areas for fat deposits such as the sides, under-arms and stomach don’t seem to shift no matter how strictly you eat. If you are no more than 20 pounds over your ideal weight yet have a stubborn area where body fat just seems to cling, CoolSculpting may be the solution. It works by cooling one small area for an hour. This coolness causes 20 percent of the fat cells in that area to die. As they die, the stored fat is released and metabolized by your body. CoolSculpting is a way to shift a few pounds that dieting alone cannot help with.

Lie 3. ‘Freezing Fat Will Cause Your Weight To Fluctuate’

It seems unbelievable that you can simply freeze fat cells off but there is no evidence that it causes patients to gain back the weight. TheFDA website shows that CoolSculpting devices by Zeltiq Aesthetics Inc received 510(k) clearance from the FDA in July 2012. The fat lost through CoolSculpting is permanent and you will not gain it back in that area after the treatment. You have to be patient for results to become apparent but it will not cause your weight to fluctuate or ‘yo-yo’ as some fad diets can.

Lie 4. ‘CoolSculpting Will Put You Out Of Action’

Many personal trainers confuse CoolSculpting with liposuction and think that you need to spend time in supportive braces to recover after treatment, as you do with liposuction. In fact, CoolSculpting is relatively painless although anadverse event report from a patient who experienced pain after a CoolSculpting procedure is shown on the official FDA website. Adverse effects are rare and most patients can get right back to their daily activities without any soreness or discomfort.

Lie 5. ‘CoolSculpting Is Unregulated’

As with any cosmetic procedure, you need to do due diligence when choosing a doctor to perform CoolSculpting. According to oneclinic offering CoolSculpting in Sunnyvale, patients are advised to check credentials and ask for recommendations before booking a procedure.

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