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5 Fast & Fun Ways to Get a Workout During Naptime

5 Fast & Fun Ways to Get a Workout During Naptime

There are many things that a mother can do while the baby is sleeping. You can do laundry, clean the kitchen, or better yet-get your workout in! In this article, we are going to focus on the best workouts mothers can do while baby takes a snooze.There are many exercises that are designed for mothers who are constantly busy taking care of their children. These exercises are some of the best, because they do not require any gym equipment!

It has been reported that many mothers were very active before they had kids. They used to go to the gym in order to keep fit. They were engaged in some of the best workout routines for women. But, in time after having baby, it seems that suddenly just taking a walk becomes a big “to-do”.

We all have to agree that any exercise is better than no exercise. Now I’ll explain to you how I find time to exercise even during the shortest of nap times.There are several factors that you have to consider when choosing the type of exercises that you want to engage in during this time. Your aim may be to become strong, lean or toned. When doing these exercises, you can either use equipment or none at all. In reality, you don’t need anything fancy to get you started!

Dance Central

This is a very useful application which has a very fun game for you to play as your baby sleeps. You may want to shut the blinds, or it might become fun for the whole neighborhood! This kind of workout will surely help you shed extra calories. Note that if your kid wakes up while you are mid-exercise, he or she may want to join in on the fun!

Use TV resources to your advantage

This is the old school way of doing things but it bears great fruits. This involves standing in front of the TV and working out to whatever is happening on your screen. You can check on your local cable TV network for various opportunities for free TV exercise programs. You can never get bored; there are a variety of exercises out there for all of you!

Join a gym with child-care

It is a wise decision to join such a place because the attendants will take care of your child when he or she wakes up from a nap- it doesn’t get much more convenient than that!

Acquire exercise videos

There are numerous videos on yoga, aerobics or even kickboxing that can be done right in your living room. There is little or no equipment required for these exercises and once you own it, you can perform the routine at your convenience and as often as you want to.

Make a to-do list and remember to improvise

It is a good idea to always get your priorities right. That can even mean rising earlier than usual to do some exercises before the baby wakes up in the morning. And, if you find you missed your aerobics class- try to improvise by playing actively with your little one in the great outdoors!

All of these simple, helpful ideas will make you a happier and more relaxed momma while taking care of your little bundle of joy.Related

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