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8 Primal Paleo Essentials For Fitness & Health

8 Primal Paleo Essentials For Fitness & Health

1. Animals

While evolving for millions of years, animals were key in humans development. We evolved to walk and run to keep up and track them and they helped drive our brain make us the most intelligent being on the planet. Eating animals is a primary source of energy and growth in our diets. Make sure to provide ample supplies of animal products in your daily nutrition for its vital components of fat, protein, vitamins, and minerals.

2. Bike

Although I would love to run everywhere, that is not exactly possible when I am traveling longer distances. Get a bike to help you avoid high gas prices, increase cardiovascular endurance, and use your body as a primary source of transportation.

3. Vibram Five Fingers

We should be walking everywhere barefoot. Society seems to give us caveman a different point of view. Get a pair of Vibram Five Fingers to mimic being barefoot. Just be sure to not over do it at first and slowly progress your muscles strong enough to being minimal full time.

4. Vegetables

Veggies – the one food you can’t get too much of. Plants were an easy food source in the Stone Age, so fill up in bountiful quantities. They are high in fiber and other essential minerals and vitamins to help you achieve a strong body and immune system.

5. Intense Workouts

Our primal ancestors needed to run, jump, swim, lift, and throw in all kinds of ways to find food and avoid being food. Step your workouts up by mixing in shorter high intensity sessions, sprints, and heavy lifts to mimic the primal roots of homo sapiens.

6. Nuts and Seeds

High in fiber, protein, vitamins, and minerals, seeds and nuts can be a great hunger craver midday or at night. I tend to eat them on their own or in salads. Be sure to include a healthy dose of each daily, but be conscious of quantity when eating nuts and limit to only a handful daily.

7. Go Barefoot during Cardio

Cardiovascular exercise is known to be great for the heart. It will also keep your lipid and glucose (fat and sugar) levels in healthy ranges and your body operating optimally. Now let’s take things a set further and become more primal cardiovascular. Being barefoot will help improve posture, neuromuscular awareness, and strengthen the feet and joints. Just be sure to take it slow!

8. Foam Roller

Self myofascial release is a great way to help recover after a workout. When you exercise, toxins build up in the muscle tissue. This can hinder muscle repair. By giving yourself a massage you are helping to release those toxins and recover more rapidly.

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