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Are Protein Shakes For You?

Are Protein Shakes For You?

There’s a lot of debate around protein shakes as they rapidly increase in popularity. Many believe that they aren’t a good enough substitution for real food, and others say they are necessary element of a healthy diet while on an intensive training schedule. Like with all dietary supplements, what works for some people won’t work for others, so it’s important to take in all factors and consideration before adopting the protein shake.

Vulnerable Groups

For the very old, people recovering from surgery and those prone to frequent illnesses, keeping protein levels high is incredibly important. Protein is vital for muscle recovery and therefore strength, so by following a diet that lacks important nutrients, such as the amino acids in protein, could be disastrous for someone who’s already weaker than most.

While not vulnerable, vegetarians also benefit from protein shakes, in order to keep levels steady when meat has been taken away. There are many other sources, such as dairy and tofu, but they don’t contain the same volumes of protein that meat does. Adding protein as a supplement can often be necessary for many vegetarians, instead of risking their health.

Picky Eaters

As an extraordinarily fussy eater, I find it hard to consume the correct amount of protein in my diet, especially as I’m not a big fan of meat or eggs. However, I do a lot of rigorous exercise, and need my body and muscles to be in peak condition to allow me to continue. I’ve found that one small protein shake a day helps to boost my intake, and keep me at the correct levels; you can click here for more information.As protein shakes can be made up entirely to your specifications, if it’s something as simple as topping up a low-protein diet, they can work wonders, although it’s important to remember that they aren’t a good enough substitution: you still need many of the other nutrients and vitamins that protein-rich foods supply.

Intensive Exercisers

If you’re someone who’s at the gym morning, noon and night, and following an intensive training schedule, it’s likely that you’ll already be upping the amount of nutrients, vitamins and acids that your diet contains. Similar to this, you’ll need to increase the amount of protein you’re consuming.It’s a vital part of muscle repair, recovery and growth, so a diet lacking in protein can often stunt the results you want to see, as well as even causing damage to your body. If you’re working out regularly and to a tough extent, your body needs to be capable enough to keep up with your demands.

While protein shakes aren’t a vital part of a diet, they can often be an extremely useful thing to make and drink: they’re cheaper and quicker to consume than eating large quantities of meat, and it’s simple to create a shake with the right quantity of protein to suit your needs, your diet, and your lifestyle.

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