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Equestrian Fitness and Strength Training

Equestrian Fitness and Strength Training

An equestrian fitness plan needs to be highly specialized. Riding uses particular muscle and movement patterns creating imbalance and asymmetry.  Strength training out of the saddle helps restore symmetry and improve movement patterns. The goal is to improve your strength, create muscle memory patterns and implement a sense of “neutral spine” so that you can connect better with your horse. Equestrian athletes require a very specific type of training to achieve their riding goals. “Functional Training” uses a variety of training styles to train your body and mind to do what you love to do….better! It’s about how you move, engage your muscles, and trains you to move with muscle symmetry. You will develop improved posture, balance, strength and capacity for better movement.

Personal Equestrian Fitness and Rehabilitation in Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island

Denise Pontbriand, Exercise Specialist and PTA offers a unique fitness plan for equestrian sports. She has developed a training program that is designed especially for horse riding enthusiasts. Whether it be just to improve your riding skills, return to riding after an injury or illness, or to prepare you to be at your physical best for competition, Denise will design the right equestrian strength training program to suit your individual needs. Her background as a physical therapy assistant allows her to develop rehabilitation training to get you back to doing what you love! Your personally designed program will be a whole approach to your fitness: assessing strength and flexibility, core strength, movement and muscle firing patterns, and nutrition. Denise offers one on one personal training in her studio in Sturbridge Massachusetts which is accessible for clients from Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island.

She will also be offering a virtual equestrian program via Skype for those unable to travel to her studio.”When I first came to Denise, I could not ride my horse or walk the dog without going into pain. After several months working with Denise, I am happy to say I can ride my horse, walk and even jog pain free!” Brenda B., Union CT“Working with Denise has helped me to achieve good posture and increase my core strength, which are essential to riding well. Under her guidance I have also been able to recognize and correct imbalances in muscle strength, and a natural “crookedness” due to scoliosis, so that I sit straight in the saddle and apply my aids evenly. An additional benefit has been that I am also stronger and more comfortable now, doing chores around the barn.

“Leis P. ,Wales MA” Received great tips on how to use my body better and how to avoid stress in certain areas like lower back and neck and to use my legs more. We went over lifting hay bales, shavings bags, etc too. I highly recommend Denise. Thanks Denise!!”Angela P., Palmer MA“Denise Pontbriand is a very knowledgeable and caring practitioner when it comes to helping you develop core strength. With her background in physical therapy, she is more than qualified to teach you how to develop the most important part of your body – your core!

As equestrians we know that the most important aid we can use while training our horses is the use of the half-halt.  In order to execute this aid you must have good core control. The half-halt is essential for helping your horse to balance himself and this can only be achieved if you recognize both how, and which of your own muscles to engage.In addition, core strength is necessary for all other parts of riding. It allows you to separate your upper body from your hips and legs and to give the subtlest of aids that make it appear as if you are not moving. It helps you hold your shoulders back and down and to hold yourself straight in the saddle. It is essential for half-halting, trotting, transitions, cantering, lateral movements. Every single movement in every gait, involves core strength. A strong core is absolutely essential for solid basics in any equestrian discipline.

It also help protect your back from injury when your horse acts up. If you want to know where to begin – look no further Denise Pontbriand! She is available at her studio, your barn or via Skype!”Carol D.Pleasant Hill, CAVirtual Equestrian Strength Training and RehabilitationFitting everything in to your day can be a daunting task. The thought of going to the gym three times a week for an hour plus travel can be setting yourself up for failure. What you need is a short effective exercise routine that you can perform at home with minimal equipment. Personal Equestrian Training is offered through Skype, and your individually designed program will be a whole approach to your fitness: assessing strength and flexibility, core strength, movement and muscle firing patterns and nutrition. Just as if you were training with Denise in person at her studio! Our goal is to help you achieve your personal best fitness level to meet all of your riding goals by maximizing your time and developing an individual fitness plan to meet your specific needs.Balance your priorities for an effective efficient training session.

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