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Jump Start to Fat Loss in 8 minutes

Jump Start to Fat Loss in 8 minutes

There is absolutely no reason you cannot include 8 minutes a day for exercise! This is a 8 minute at home workout you can do 3-4 days a week. It is a cardio-packed, strength-infused workout. Are you ready for the challenge?

Jumping Jacks: Starting position arms down to your sides and feet together, as you bring your arms up overhead to clap, you also separate your legs about 2-3 feet apart, then bring the arms back down to your sides and feet together.

Push-ups: Beginners or those with knee concerns, you can use the wall for push-ups. Hand against the wall with your arms straight (hands should be at least shoulder width apart), bend the elbows to bring your face close to the wall, press your body back to the starting position. For floor push-ups the same concept applies, but you can be on the toes or the knees.

Mountain Climbers: Start in the same position as you would for a floor push-up, on your hands with your legs back, bring each knee in one after the other until number of repetitions is reached.High Knees: Stand with feet shoulder width apart and bring knee up one at time at a fast pace as high as you can.

Butt Kicks: Stand with feet shoulder width apart and bring heels back to the buttocks one leg at a time at a fast pace.

Plank: One the floor, rest on your arms (elbows) and you should be on your toes, for beginner’s, you can lower your body to your knees or thighs. Do not dip at the center of your body or raise your buttocks up high, keep your back straight.

Superman: in a prone position (on your stomach) extend your arms in front of you and legs straight, raise your arms and legs at the same time and hold for 2 seconds, then lower back down.

Step-ups: You can use a stair or if you have a mini step stool, use that. Step one foot up on the stool at a time and lower back down.

Squats: Feet shoulder width apart, lower your buttocks back as if you were going to sit down into a chair, you can keep your arms on your hips or bring arms out in front of you as you lower down. As you squat, avoid leaning too far forward and squat down only where you are comfortable.

Jump rope: If you have a jump rope, go ahead and use it. To do body jump rope, start with feet shoulder width apart, position your hands as if you had a jump rope in your hands, and skip in place one foot after the other and move the arms, simulating the movement of actually jumping rope.

Floor crunches: Lay on your back with your knees bent, place hands either across the chest or behind the neck, keep neck tucked down, slight lift upper back off of the floor, hold for 2 seconds then lower back down. Avoid using the neck to bring yourself up.

Calf raises: Stand with feet shoulder width apart and come up off of your heels so you are standing on your tip toes, hold for 2 seconds, then lower back down.

Sumo squats: Wide stance, about 3-4 feet apart per your comfort, bend at the knees, and sit buttocks back (same as a regular squat) similar to sitting into a chair, and come back to the starting position.

Tricep Dips: You can use the stairs or a chair. With the chair you will have a full range of motion versus the stairs. Start by standing behind the chair, lower your body down so your arms are extended straight on the seat of the chair, your heels should be on the floor. Bend at the elbow down and back up.If you have the time and you want to really feel the burn, perform the exercises twice.

This would be a 20 minute workout, respectively. Allow a day in between for your body to rest before doing the same exercises again.

Please note: Before starting a new program, is recommended you see your doctor or physician, especially if you have one or more of the following conditions: Heart disease, diabetes, other chronic conditions, artificial replacements (knee, hip, shoulder).

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