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Keep Health Simple

Keep Health Simple

I can’t tell you the number of times people come to me for my health expertise with so many questions of what they should and should not be doing. They read newspapers, magazines, and hear all kinds of things on the news. The media is always contradicting itself and filling the world with useless health information. Many of these individuals come to me with questions I have no clue about. I do not know exactly how everything in the body works, or the complex biochemical process of how a certain vitamin does a certain thing. Sure I took these classes in college but I am no biochemist; I am a fitness professional trying my best to get you healthy. And I will do just that, but the first thing we all need to do it take a step back and keep health simple.

Politicians love to make health complicated, especially with healthcare. Whether lobbyists are to blame or they are simply uninformed, the healthcare debate seems as complex as any. In reality, the solution really is simple: get people healthy. By getting people to become healthier, we are now using preventative healthcare to help avoid illness and disease. This solves the healthcare debate by saving individuals, businesses, the government and insurance companies billions of dollars in healthcare costs by avoiding visits to the doctor, hospitalization, and surgical procedures. Problem is, healthy people don’t spend much money on healthcare. They don’t visit the doctor for more than checkups, no random ER visits, and they sure aren’t waiting in line at the pharmacy for their plethora of medications.

Big business wants people to be unhealthy, it’s as simple as that. Big business adds to the hypocrisy that the government supports when it comes to health. Big pharmaceuticals love to help doctors push medications for minute illnesses, especially ones that diet and exercise could quickly and effective improve. Some examples include high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and even type-2 diabetes. But, pharmaceutical companies aren’t the only culprit. The supplement business is a billion dollar industry ensuring people get all the necessary macro and micro nutrients and vitamins their bodies need, even though eating correct food choices gives better results by  more efficient nutrient distribution and absorption.But furthermore, the food industry might be the biggest culprit of negativity when it comes to our health.

The American diet is terrible. Typical breakfasts at home include high sugar cereals, wheat products with sugar coated icing, and other grains giving Americans their daily carbohydrate intake in one meal. Lunch was made into a high carbohydrate, high sodium, and highly processed lunch meat sandwich, with our large, multicourse dinner providing the days only serving of vegetables, usually a good meat source, and enough carbs in the form of rice, pasta and/or bread that it could make even highly active individuals have diabetic insulin levels. Then of course we have the whole world of take-out and fast food that somehow makes it possible to have a cheeseburger for under a dollar, when in reality would be an impossible feat if actually made with real, quality ingredients.

So what’s the solution? Keep health simple. Look at your medicine cabinet and throw out all your non-prescription medications. Your body has a great defense mechanism called your immune system that will fight off illness for you. Now look at your prescribed medications and set up an appointment with your physician. Tell him you would like to stop taking all your medications by regulating your health through diet and exercise. Depending on your current condition, it might not be possible to be completely medication independent, but at least you can reduce your dependency to only the necessities. Then go take a look at your pantry/refrigerator and get rid of anything processed and outdated. While you’re at it, get rid of all grain products, legumes, and dairy items… you really don’t need those either. Is your kitchen empty? Good, you are off to a good start. Now you can fill the kitchen up with fresh, local food that is free from processing, anti-nutrients, and harmful chemicals. Stick to meat, veggies, seeds, nuts, and fruits, and try to be as organic and natural as possible.

Finally, the last piece to the health puzzle is exercise. Go outside and take a walk. Don’t have shoes? Even better, go barefoot. Now do that every day and once you get the hang of this exercise thing, start to add in a strength workout once to a few times a week by doing the 4 most necessary and productive movements you can do: planks, pushups, pull-ups, and squats.There you go. Forget all you know about health, because that really is all it takes to be healthy. Common knowledge has taught us so many contradicting and misleading things on how we should be healthy. Truth us, all you need to do is to get yourself to a healthy body weight and body fat composition by diet and exercise. You will immediately begin to decrease your risk for all of the preventative causes of death and illness in this country. Keep health simple.

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