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What Are The Main Benefits Of Using A Fitness Tracker?

What Are The Main Benefits Of Using A Fitness Tracker?

My friends often ask me something like “Why are you using a fitness tracker” or “Why do I need an activity tracker”… I have to say, I was wondering the same thing before I decided to buy one.I asked myself why would I pay $100 or more for this gadget when I can just put on my sneakers, plug in my headphones and go out for a run?

Realization came to me about 5 weeks into my running routine. I started to get sluggish, run less and less and essentially lost my motivation. And the main reason I started to lose my motivation is because I was not monitoring my progress! Fitness tracker will give you just that – a simple, smart way to measure your progress, see how far you’ve come and give you the strength to push on!

Monitoring Your Heart Rate

Even though this is the feature reserved for the more expensive models, I consider it to be crucial; and it was especially crucial for me because I wanted to lose weight. What activity tracker gives me is real time heart rate information so I know when to speed up, increase the intensity of mo workout and, basically, pick my pace up. My heart rate usually starts to go down after 10-15 minutes, this is when I run out of motivation and start to drag myself. One look at my Fitbit Fitness Tracker will get me back on track!

Tracking Your Progress

As I’ve said in the opening paragraph, the main reason people start strong with their exercising and give up after just a few weeks is losing motivation. One of the best ways to keep yourself pumped is to monitor your progress (each day/week). For me personally, I like to go over the daily stats – see how many steps I’ve made, what was my pace, time and how many calories I burned. There are formulas for calculating your calories burned “manually,” but they are much less accurate and require more work.

Inspiration and Motivation

Fitness tracker will not only help you monitor your progress, you can also use it to set goals and push yourself further.There are even activity tracker specially designed to guide you and coach you through your exercises. It will analyze your exercise in real time, and offer audio suggestions based on the goals you previously set.

Counting Calories and Dieting

Of course, fitness tracker will give you a clear insight in the calories you burn during physical exercise, but there are those that can track the number of calories you eat on a daily basis. This will make your weight loss and weight control much more efficient.


Many beginners disregard it, but rest is just as important in building muscles as is physical exercise. After we are done with our workout, our muscles will start the process of repairing damaged muscle cells and muscles will become thicker and stronger.

A good fitness tracker will monitor the length and quality of your sleep and help you tailor your exercise routine based on it. These are just some of the benefits of owning a fitness tracker.

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