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A millionaire’s tip to live healthy from Joe Rogan

A millionaire’s tip to live healthy from Joe Rogan

Who’s Joe Rogan?

Joe Rogan. He is probably well known as the host of Fear Factor, the television show on NBC. He is also a comedian, and a well known TV host. Rogans’ net-worth is $23 million, so his advice is golden. When he mentions an advice for getting where he got, its probably worth listening to. So without further adue, here is a video from Joe Rogan on some advice to live a happy and healthy life.

His Philosophy

He touches on many important things that we often take for granted and often skip as just “good advice”. His words are gold because by creating a discipline in one’s life about how we live, we become more conscientious in our decision making. A healthy, happier life is at the end of the day a healthier life. He focuses in between on some other important points that I feel people should take note. Taking initiative is one of the most important things of life. Acting on known beliefs and facts, practicing what we know already, and becoming better at it is a sure way to not only feel involved in our own life but to feel empowered by small successes.

From Within

He asks us to reexamine ourselves, our own motives for our actions. It’ll help us to take actions that reflect our values and what we feel most happy about translates to effective work.  Smiling and being nice can go a long way to nurture healthy relationships and build confidence in oneself and also from others. His words are not only elementary but also the very basis for building on higher level skills valuable for life. He reiterates that there are no magic checklist, pill, chance, luck that can sustain our individual growth. The best way to grow is to practice what we know to be true day to day and make them part of our habit and lifestyle. He points to the trend in our culture to hire and utilize like health coaches and career coaches that reinforce and teach us the same basic principles; do what you know and have heard already.

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