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Misleading Rapid Ramen Cooker Label

Misleading Rapid Ramen Cooker Label

This ramen cooker claims to reduce sodium by 50%, but when you look at the back…

The misleading label

The image of Rapid Ramen Cooker’s label-above recently went viral on a popular social sharing website. It highlights one of the biggest epidemics in our country, the food. Foods in the western nations are generally abhorrent, but add to that misleading labels. The label in the picture is a great example of that. The “Healthy” tag is shown in the video but as you take a look at the labeling on the back, something odd stands out. Do you see it? High sodium can lead to high blood pressure. The product aims to decrease sodium, it doesn’t say how but with its catchy marketing it exclaims “by 50%”. That is a whole lot, and in terms of a eye-catcher for the everyday shopper, very tempting. It is when you turn to the other side, you note something minute in the details. Cutting down on the sodium levels has very little to do with the product. It depends on how you prepare your food.


The abundance of un-Healthy

This irresponsible advertising causes customers to lose faith in the market. That one product is just one piece of the puzzle. Now a days virtually all companies are comparing and counting calories,  offering “fat-free” versions of their popular food, and prepping marketing to lure customers looking to improve their health. The truth is they don’t improve the diet or health as not all calories are the same, just decreasing content consumed won’t help either, and “fat-free” is making it cardboard like. To compensate for those effects, companies add MSG (Monosodium Glutamate), and sugars of all sorts. The issue with that is, that adds the fat back, gets customers addicted to food with the same engineering; processed.


Share you thoughts below. The Rapid Ramen Cooker was created by Chris Johnson, a college student from the UC Davis, see his video below. This may explain the gimmicky advertising and product that looks poorly put-together.

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