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5 Simple Ways to Keep Healthy

5 Simple Ways to Keep Healthy

Life is hectic. Jobs, responsibilities, hobbies all demand attention, discipline and fill our minds wiht worries. It’s important to take a break and to try to practice the simple steps below to keep an healthy life.

1. Simple stretches

Take the time to move your body intentionally. Whether it is moving your body side to side, unfolding legs and rolling your shoulders up and down, these simple techniques get the blood flowing and relaxes tense blood vessels and muscles. If you’re in the office, keep a stress ball around, squeezing it will help get rid of anxious thoughts and get the blood flowing again.


2. Time management

This is the most effective ways to manage stress and to keep healthy. Make every effort to reduce the stress in your life by practicing techniques that help you live a healthier life. Leave earlier to work so you don’t have to face the traffic or come there sluggish. It can mean the difference between justifying why you hate your boss, and/or work and using that extra time to exude a positive character that everyone loves.


3. Mindfulness, Meditation & Prayer

Believe it or not, whether it is professionals like Doctors dealing with burnout, or corporate worker trying to increase willpower and decrease distractions, prayer, meditation and mindfulness are absolutely necessary. This isn’t gimmick or alternative science, this is real science backed by well known names like Mayo Clinic and Harvard Business Review. More and more companies like Smiling Mind are gaining relevance and business to big companies like IBM who utilize their services as part of health rebate programs, and wellness goals. I recommend using Smiling Mind as it has helped me as well, and improved my focus with easy to follow tutorials on my smartphone, in breathing techniques, mental imagery and other proven techniques.

4. Showering

The simple practice of taking a shower can do miracles for the body. Preferably it is advised that you take a cold shower in the morning. For couple of health benefits, some of them include the release of endorphins, nor-adrenalines, among others. The most interesting fact is that it helps with fat loss, in fact companies have developed FDA-cleared  products like CoolSculpting which uses fat freezing techniques and cold cooling techniques, and the great thing is a cold shower builds on the same principle. If taking a shower seems like a rough way to treat the skin, try just taking a shower without soup. Just by taking a shower, it helps to loosen and move dead skin cells and oils.

5. Dancing & Singing

Ah! The hills are alive with the sound of music. Dancing and singing are two common creative forms of expression that have holistic effects. Dancing energizes the body, releases a host of chemicals, combines elementary exercises and movements that equate to the amount of calories burned in a intensive workout (about 300 calories). Additionally it is good for one’s health as body coordinates with rhythm, mind and muscle.

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