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Supplements, Vitamins, and Life

Supplements, Vitamins, and Life

Vitamin stores are everywhere, yet our society is still as unhealthy as ever. It is because for some reason, our culture sees health as prescription drugs, diets, and supplements. In reality my definition of health lies in the absence of illness and the presence of happiness, wellbeing, maneuverability, and vitality. Such a condition can only stem from proper nutrition and exercise. Unless you are on a medically supervised diet or prescribed a supplement because of a certain disease, deficiency, or condition, supplements are simply a waste of money.

There is only one supplement I ever recommend to my clients – whey protein. I only recommend this to three types of clients as well: weight loss, hypertrophy, and athletes. Most of the clients I recommend them to as well are men. My goal is to try to get their calories from food first and women usually don’t need the additional calories and protein that supplementation entails. If you are trying to build lean muscle (or trying to hold onto it because of a strenuous workout regime) I haven’t found a better way to do this naturally because of the large increase in calories it requires to maintain and build muscle, thus whey might be necessary.

Personally, I see supplementation in most cases as an easy way out. All our vital vitamins and minerals are available to us in food. We should be trying to get all of our macro and micro nutrients from there first. By eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, proper nutrition can be fulfilled easily. If you don’t have time to eat fruits and veggies – make it. Health isn’t easy. If it were easy, healthcare wouldn’t be the issue it is in this country, vitamins stores would be scarce, and doctors wouldn’t be driving around town in Porsche’s. It’s your choice to live a life of pills, aches and pains or natural health, mobility, and absence of many illnesses and diseases. Take control of your life – you only live it once.

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