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Suspension Trainers: TRX vs. Jungle Gym XT

Suspension Trainers: TRX vs. Jungle Gym XT

Suspension trainers are taking the fitness market by storm and for great reason. They increase the functionality of many common exercises, increase focus on the core, and are great to regress or progress exercises.  They also are great to help people with bad form on exercises like squats and great for range of motion exercises and stretches.  The two most common products on the market are the TRX and Jungle Gym XT by Lifeline. The TRX is the most popular of suspension trainers and sells for $189.95 for the basic kit. The Jungle Gym XT is the second edition to its suspension series and sells for $99.99. Both get the job just great, but here is an analysis of what I have come to see from using both of them for almost a year now.

TRX Suspension Trainer

TRX Pros:

Easy to hang on multiple surfaces

Comes with DVD and tree hanger

Extra lengths on the straps not in use are out-of-the-way

Sturdy hardware and straps

The original suspension system

Foot straps are soft and flexible for maneuverability

TRX Cons:

More expensive than its competition

Handles do not seem as heavy-duty as is competitor, but this is a minor detail as these get the job done just fine

Must wear sneakers for foot straps to work, feet fall through while barefoot or in five fingers

One single pivot point and two straps attach at one point

Can do one-handed exercises, but must make adjustments

Jungle Gym XT

Jungle Gym XT Pros:

Sturdy hardware and straps with rubber covering and medal pieces

Easier to clean with a cloth or wipe than the TRX

Almost half the price as the TRX

Heavy duty handles and foot straps

Can wear foot straps while barefoot or in five fingers

Single or Double attachment points – great for progression, regression, and alternative exercises

Can do one-handed exercises

Jungle Gym XT Cons:

More difficult to attach when attached as a single or double unit

Bulkier than the TRX

Harder to grip as grips are wider and harder

Overall, I like the Jungle Gym XT for its greater versatility and reduced price point. Both products are made very well and are very durable.  The TRX is still the most popular suspension system on the market, but the Jungle Gym XT is getting more and more attention. Whichever you purchase, you are sure to enjoy. So amp up your workouts, get that core working, and start adding some suspension training into your workouts.

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