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Top Weight Loss Advice for Vegans

Top Weight Loss Advice for Vegans

For the vast majority of people who switch to a vegan diet, one of the first benefits that they see for their health is the weight loss that usually happens to people when they start eating vegan. However, this does not happen every time and there are still a number of vegan people out there who are looking for ways to lose (more) weight. So, how to do it?

1. Forget about junk food

People who know nothing about vegan diet and the vegan way of life are perplexed when they hear that vegans also have junk food that they sometimes crave and go for when they most probably shouldn’t. There are plenty of preprocessed foods that include only vegan ingredients but that are really not that healthy. For one, they are preprocessed, and that is always a bad thing. In short, if you are vegan and you are looking for ways to lose weight, stick with foods that are fresh and raw.

2. Go for oatmeal for breakfast

They say that breakfast is the most important meal in the day and it truly is, especially if you do it wrong. For vegans, the “wrongest” they can go with the breakfast is with sugary cereals that are a dime a dozen and that are nowhere near as healthy as a breakfast should be. The perfect alternative is oatmeal which is insanely healthy and can be made even more delicious by adding different kinds of fruit, nuts and all kinds of additions.

3. Buy fresh greens

Sometimes you are a bit lazy and you do not want to visit the fresh produce part of the grocery store and you buy your beans frozen in a bag. Or you go for peaches out of a can. Well, this is not really smart thing to do if you want to really lose weight. The simple fact is that you need whole greens, fruit and vegetables that are fresh and that have not been canned or processed in any way. Spend some extra time and find those fresh veggies and fruit in your local grocery store.

4. Visit farmers markets

If you really want to get the best possible fruit and vegetables, there is only one place to go and that is a farmers market. There is one nearby in almost every neighborhood and that is where you will really be getting the best from nature. In addition to providing you with healthy foods, you are also supporting the local economy and you are reducing the carbon footprint that your food needs make. If you can, you could also join a co-op and have your greens delivered to you regularly.

5. Buy organic food

Organic food is not just a matter of morals and your stand. It is also about getting the highest quality foods that will be grown in the most nutritive of soils, which means that you will need less food to feel full, which in turn means that you will be eating less. And the less you eat, the more likely you are to lose weight. So, if you want to lose weight on your vegan diet, try and go as organic as you can.

6. Grow your own little garden

Even if you live in smallest of the apartments in the world, there are always things that you can grow such as herbs and smaller vegetables, perhaps salads. If you live in a house, then there is absolutely no reason why you would not grow your own food. This will provide you with organic food that you know is healthy and nutritive and it will also ensure that you never run out of fresh foods that you will then replace with something fattening.

7. Consider some outside help

By outside help, we are not talking about personal trainers or anything expensive like that. We are talking about products that are perfectly vegan friendly and that can help you lose weight more effectively. For example, you can employ a bit of help from slimming teas that you can find easily and that are perfectly suitable for vegan use. These teas will help your body burn the fats, find new energy for workouts and help your digestion.

8. Do not improvise

Improvisation is the death of every diet, including any vegan weight loss program. When you improvise a meal or a whole series of meals, you are a billion times more likely to cheat and eat something that you should not be eating considering the fact that you are trying to lose weight. Always have fresh greens ready for when you are tight with time and always have some fruit lying around your house for quick snacks.

9. Exercise regularly

Losing weight is a process that should always include some exercise. In fact, it is very difficult to lose weight in a natural and healthy way unless you are spending your calories and working out is the best way to do so. This does not mean that you should spend hours every day running or doing some insanely strenuous and intensive exercises. Jogging, yoga or a nice fitness training will do the trick. You will be losing weight and you will be building a healthier, stronger body to go with your new weight.

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